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The RUSS Appeal

Sometimes things happen that touch the true reality of life. A mountain biking accident and subsequent paralysis was one of those. A devastating consequence of a frivolous pastime, it brought together some unlikely soul mates from unexpected places. It was too close to home.

It may well be for selfish reasons that RUSS (Riders United in Serious Situations) now exists. It makes us feel better. Our ridiculous, hedonistic pursuit is, for once, putting something back. Old hippies call it karma, religions have their own explanations and the cynics know they may need a helicopter themselves one day. Whatever, there’s no avoiding it. Hence RUSS

That’s how it started. Now those few who nudged this ball to start rolling are genuinely humbled by the response. Anybody that rides a mountain bike should be proud of the community they’ve joined and warmed by the way that community has responded to crisis.

When RUSS started nobody knew where it was going and there’s still plenty of mystery about. What is clear is that the Ride for a Flight weekend should be repeated – for money and for fun. RUSS can also support people who feel like making an individual effort. There will also be other things – auctions, appeals, rides … Some will be awesome, some ordinary and some will crash into the undergrowth – it is mountain biking after all. Bear with us and watch out for news.

Hoping you never need the chopper but if you do let’s make sure it’s there.

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